‘100 Women who Care’ makes BIG donation to Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank

[Article by contributing writer, Paige McCall]

“Imagine what 100 women could do if they joined forces.” That’s the rally call of this organization of local women who have come together, all with the mutual goal of making a positive impact on the Greater Snoqualmie Valley.

100 Women Who Care is a group of local women (they’re currently up to 168 members) who care deeply about their community and aim to make a difference by providing for those who are most in need of help.

The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank can testify to this firsthand to the impact these ladies are making, as they were the last organization that 100 Women Who Care decided support. On March 6th, at the end of their last meeting, the 100+ members in attendance all wrote checks to the food bank, and ended up donating $15,600 to them.

The Concept

100 Women Who Care meets for one hour, four times a year, with members bringing a check for $100 to each meeting that will be written out to the organization decided upon that night. By combining the power and checkbooks, the group is able to infuse a charity or non-profit with a large sum of cash at once.

As generous as it is to donate any amount of money to a charity, sometimes it is harder for the organizations to make a tangible difference with only a few smaller donations. When all these women join together and dedicate their efforts towards one cause, the chosen charity sees a more immediate, positive impact.

Since its inception, the women have been making a difference by supporting local programs and charities that make daily, positive impacts throughout the Valley – and it’s also a great place to hang out with other local women who aspire to make the world a better place and work together to make direct contributions to the community.

How it Works

So how exactly do these women go about choosing who to donate to? Every member is eligible to nominate local charities, organizations, and non-profits they believe are deserving of the money. In choosing the beneficiary, all the nomination’s names are put into a hat, and three names are chosen at random at each meeting.

From there, the members whose nominations were picked have the opportunity to give an informal, 5 minute presentation, followed by question and answer time. All the members then vote for which cause they would most like to support at this time, and the top charity then receives all the checks on the spot, made out to them.

At the following meeting, the charity selected last time will send a representative to report on how the money is being used. This provides a way for participants to get a better idea of the impact they have made.

How to get Involved

If you are someone who wants to contribute but worries about not having the time that event-planning and fundraising usually take, this group is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved, as the time commitment adds up to only 4 hours total per year.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, the next meeting is May 22nd, and new members are always welcome. For more information you can also visit the 100 Women Who Care website


100 Women who Care members at meeting earlier this year. Photo: 100 Women who Care website

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