‘Dr. Mike,’ Creator of HUGE I-90 Hillside 12th Man Sign a Favorite of Many Local Pet Owners

Late last month, King 5’s Evening [Magazine] came out to the Issaquah/Preston area to do some mystery solving and reveal who put that huge #12 high (really high) on the hillside above I-90 near the High Point exit.

It’s a sign you can’t miss when driving on westbound I-90. Why? Because it’s all trees on that hillside – so a HUGE blue sign with a massive #12 painted on it kind of sticks out. Not to mention this season the sign is lit up, so at night that huge 12 seems to float in the dark. Pretty cool for Seahawks fans.

Last week King 5 aired the piece to the delight of many Snoqualmie Valley residents who regularly travel I-90 and may have wondered, “Who made that?”

Based on social media comments in response to our Facebook share of the King 5 story, it turns my family isn’t the only one that noticed the “high-in-the-sky”  massive sign that honors the Seahawks famed 12th man – and wondered whose idea it was to construct the 600 square foot number 12 on a massive blue tarp – visible for all to see as they descend out of the Cascade foothills into Western Washington – AKA Seahawks land. Consider it your 12th man greeting to the Puget Sound region.

According to the Evening story, that New Orleans Saints-turned-Seahawks-fan happens to live on a pice of property with great views of I-90…. so why not show a little 12th Man love, right?

It’s easy. Just grab a couple of ladders, strap them together, climb high up along huge trees and secure a massive blue 12 sign for thousands of I-90 drivers to see each day… and make it strong enough to withstand our brutal winds. It’s all in a normal day’s work for any devoted Seahawks fan, right?

Let’s go with Umm… Yea!

Well, as it turns out, one of the creators of that hillside 12th man advertisement, Dr. Mike Treuting, has an awful lot of adoration from Snoqualmie Valley residents – and for reasons outside of the Seahawks and sprawling signs.

“Dr. Mike,” you see, owns Treuting Veterinary House Calls and has been taking his veterinary skills on the road to help Snoqualmie Valley pets since moving here from New Orleans 20 years ago.

And it seems he has quite a few fans himself.

One North Bend client described Dr. Mike as giving “super practical care and advice.” She said he travels to your home or can meet you somewhere in between in his mobile clinic. If your pet needs surgical services, Dr. Mike recommends a local clinic for those needs. He is also known to be extremely caring when it comes to pets at the end of their lifespans, something many local residents appreciate when it comes to beloved family pets.

So after the Seahawks seemingly lucky, last second Sunday playoff win on a missed chip shot field goal by Minnesota’s usually almost perfect place kicker – maybe Dr. Mike, that huge 12 high on the hillside, and King 5’s airtime perfection channeled a little bit of a miracle from the football gods.

Who knows. Anything is possible.

Regardless – thanks for the 12 in the trees Dr. Mike. We look forward to seeing it float on the hillside each time we head west. But more importantly, thanks from all your Snoqualmie Valley pet owner fans who really seem to appreciate the passion you bring to your day job!

Now onto Carolina….  GO HAWKS!

A massive Seahawks 12th man sign, high above I-90, greets drivers as they approach Issaquah.

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  • Thank you Dr. Mike – for perusing the neighborhood and brightening the days and nights of so many in so many ways!
    Thank you for the feel-good moment of reading you led us through, Danna!
    I love your writing style… More writers should write the way you do…
    (I dabble – therefore, I appreciate)
    Have a blessed day!

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