Updated: 3 Alarm Brushfire Near North Bend

Update 4:44 PM: The approx. 2-acre fire is 50% contained and has been turned over to the US Forest Service. A small contingent of EF&R resources will remain on the scene.


Eastside Fire & Rescue Firefighters have responded to a 3-alarm brush fire in the I-90 Exit 38 area near Ollalie State Park, which is appx. 4 miles SE of the North Bend City Limits.

The fire is approximately 200 x 500 feet (2 acres) There are no homes in the area. Forest Service representatives are on scene and working with EF&R Command staff.

Updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

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    1. Nearby yes. Under McChellan Butte. I saw it from the freeway yesterday. If figured it was close to where people go to illegally shoot weapons.

  • There’s homeless “campers” all over the place along I-90. It’s illegal, and made worse by their disregard for burn bans,waste disposal, and such. Just like Seattle being allowed to be trashed in the name of “compassion”, now our forests are getting burnt down. If you see them, report them.

  • Living Snoqualmie