Act of ‘Integrity and Honesty’ Brings High Praise to Snoqualmie Valley Business

20-year Snoqualmie Valley resident Carl Done said too often we hear about criminal activities in the Valley. As a change of pace, he wanted to shed a spotlight and call attention to one local business that he says went above and beyond – and exhibited “an action of integrity and honesty.”

[As a side note, Mr. Done wanted to be clear that he is not affiliated in any way with the business, other than being a customer.]

According to an email, on February 12, 2016 Mr. Done’s family was celebrating a wedding rehearsal dinner at the Woodmanwoodman Lodge in downtown Snoqualmie, when after the event a restaurant staff member found a valuable ring underneath a table that had been lost by a rehearsal dinner guest.

Mr. Done stated that a Woodman Lodge staff member proactively called and notified him of the ring that was discovered – while he was still driving home from the event.  He described the act as the “definition of small town honesty and integrity.”

Mr. Done indicated that he also sent an email to the restaurant, asking for the specific names of the staff members involved so that they could be recognized.

He ended by saying that he gives the whole staff his highest praise and will honor the restaurant with his ongoing business.

Woodman Lodge Manager Cassandra Coleman confirmed the recent discovery and return of the valuable ring to Mr. Done.

You can learn more about the Woodman Lodge and its historic 1902 Snoqualmie building HERE.



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