Ambulance catches fire inside Wilderness Rim EF&R Station 88 in North Bend

Around 2:30PM, January 14, 2020 – during heavy snow – Eastside Fire & Rescue and Snoqualmie Fire crews responded to a fire inside EF&R Station 88, 42804 SE 172nd Street, in the Wilderness Rim area of North Bend.

The volunteer-staffed station was unoccupied at the time of the fire, which appears to have started in an ambulance parked in the station’s left bay.

Wilderness Rim resident Alan LaBissoniere, who was at the scene, said neighbors described the aid unit as possibly fully engulfed when they called 911.

EF&R reported via Twitter that the building’s sprinkler system activated and assisted in containing the fire to the ambulance. The fire was quickly under control, with crews working on ventilation by 2:45PM. There was smoke damage throughout the building, though.

The cause is unknown. There were no injuries. LaBissoniere said the station is typically staffed on weekends.

[All photos and video below, except ambulance closeup, are courtesy of Alan LaBissoniere.]


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  • I was the one who called it in. Flames were going a few min before fire suppression kicked in.

  • My condolences n prayers are with you all. Hopefully you’ll be back inservice real soon.

  • Living Snoqualmie