Anticipated Twin Peaks Filming Hits North Bend, Twede’s Cafe Gets a Double R Diner Makeover

In a small town it’s kind of big news in when the restaurant that put North Bend on the national TV map, and still draws Twin Peaks fans by the droves (i.e. Twede’s Cafe), closes its doors to become what many have been waiting for… a Hollywood movie set.

And the transformation, at least on the exterior, is now very public as the Twin Peaks revival series pushes closer to reality.

Closed until September 20th

According to locals, Twede’s Cafe closed early on Labor Day and a sign went on the door: Closed until September 20th.

The furnishings were cleared out that night, paving the way for the iconic restaurant [after nearly 25 years] to once again become a featured set in the Twin Peaks series, which is currently in production and set to air on Showtime sometime in 2016 or 2017.

By Tuesday morning, September 8th, front windows were blocked out, white “Studio Services” trucks filled the parking lot and construction began to [presumably] transform Twede’s into the famed Double R Diner  – with its wood walls, red neon lights and counter stools, cherry pie and darn good coffee.

By Tuesday afternoon Twede’s exterior was painted blue and construction crews were busy in the parking lot, on the roof and inside the restaurant.

A quick peek inside (through a propped open front door) revealed wood paneling already on the walls and red neon lights adorning the ceiling….the Double R Diner began to resurface.

[Note: An hour later and a man wearing all black and sunglasses stood in that doorway – maybe to keep others from pulling more ‘looky-loos’?]

By Wednesday afternoon, September 9th, exterior painting confirmed it, as a double red R was added to the new blue paint job. And by the next day the big sign was restored to its “RR Heritage” and the Twede’s name removed.

What will the inside look like when finished?  One can guess, but it sounds like only time, and your TV set, will tell for sure.

There is also speculation that some of the Hollywood makeover will remain when Twede’s reopens in a couple of weeks… so maybe stop in and check out the remodel then.

RR pic
Twede’s Cafe (side view) transforms into the Double R Diner as Twin Peaks filming comes back to North Bend. 9/9/15.
Front view of Twede's Cafe as it's transformed for Twin Peaks revival series filming. 9/9/15. Photo: Glynis Rogers
Front view of Twede’s Cafe as it’s transformed for Twin Peaks revival series filming. 9/9/15. Photo: Glynis Rogers
The Twede's name gone from the sign and the iconic 'RR' returned to its spot above the cafe sign. 9/10/15.
The Twede’s name gone from the sign and the iconic ‘RR’ returned to its spot above the cafe sign. 9/10/15.

More Transformation up the Road

Meanwhile up the road at Transmissions Plus, housed inside an old gas station, vintage gas pumps and new signage were installed on September 9th  – and electronic reader boards were placed warning drivers of intermittent North Bend Way road closures during the upcoming week.  Detours will be clearly marked when the roadway is closed.

By the afternoon of September 10th, a multiple-block stretch of roadway near the garage was temporarily closed with police directing traffic toward a detour along Cedar Falls Way.

Transmissions Plus
Transmission Plus expected to be part of Twin Peaks filming later this week. Photo: Michael McCall

More Road Closures Possible in Coming Week

According to the City of North Bend, other filming-related road closures are “a moving target” and as of September 9th they don’t have any firm information to release to residents.

Devoted Twin Peaks Fan Base

Even though the critically-acclaimed Twin Peaks series only aired for two seasons in the early 1990’s, the cult series has devoted fans and multiple fan websites worldwide – a reason film locations have been kept quiet until these recent public film location transformations.

Each summer for the past two decades, hundreds of fans have made the trek to the Snoqualmie Valley to attend the Twin Peaks Festival, which takes fans on a tour of famous film locations from the original series.





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