Brazen Car Theft, SUV Stolen from Inside Snoqualmie Ridge Garage

Snoqualmie Police Chief Steve McCulley confirmed that a black Cadillac SUV was stolen from inside the garage of a Snoqualmie Ridge home on Thursday, April 10, 2014.  The incident occurred around 8:30PM in the Cottonwood neighborhood/area.cartheft1

McCulley confirmed the home’s garage door was open at the time of the theft and a purse (with keys) was in the unlocked vehicle. A small car was seen following the SUV out of the quiet neighborhood near Douglas Ave.

To his knowledge, as of 12PM, Friday, April 11th, McCulley said the vehicle had not yet been recovered.

Also, overnight April 7th, a resident of the Echo Ridge Apartments reported a car prowl, with a garage door opener stolen.  The victim said his vehicle was also unlocked at the time.

Chief McCulley reminds residents the importance of keeping “cars locked, with valuables out of the vehicle or in the trunk.” Snoqualmie Police also recommend shutting and locking garage doors when home to help prevent burglaries.

For more information on Car Prowl Prevention and Burglary Prevention, visit the Snoqualmie Police website page.


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    1. Hearing homeowner right inside and kids had just come in from playing outside…. so yea, a little bit IMO:)

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