Intruder Shot And Killed After Breaking Into North Bend Home Friday Night

According to King County Sheriff’s Office, an intruder who broke into a home in North Bend by smashing a sliding glass door with a propane tank, was shot and killed Friday night, March 30th. It was the homeowner who shot the violent suspect when he smashed through a locked bedroom door.

King County Sheriff Deputies responded to a report of someone roaming around the neighborhood acting strangely and banging on the walls and doors of homes around 11:40PM in the 300 block of SE Fifth Street.

Officers heard a loud crash at a home down the street as they were searching the neighborhood, said Cindy West of the King County Sheriff’s Office.  At the same time, they got a 911 call from a homeowner reporting that someone had broken in his home.

The homeowners hid in a locked back bedroom as the intruder trashed through their home.  When he broke through the locked bedroom door, that is when the shooting occurred.  The homeowners were uninjured.

It was reported the intruder may have been the same person harassing people at a nearby gas station 45 minutes before the shooting occurred.


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  • Hopefully this is the same scumbag that broke into the house on the Ridge by smashing the back sliding glass door.

  • Not sure about that yet Chris. It does sound like this person may have been on drugs – just my perception based on the event description. It’s just sad that it had to end this way. I feel for the homeowner’s. I just can’t imagine how scared and traumatized the must be..

  • Living Snoqualmie