Business Comings! Spring Brings New Life to North Bend, Snoqualmie Downtown Cores

New businesses and business expansions/relocations are bringing new life to the historic downtown cores of North Bend and Snoqualmie. During the winter, it seemed downtown Snoqualmie was experiencing more business goings than comings, but springtime seems to have brought new life to the upper Snoqualmie Valley.

Birches Habitat Expansion: ‘The Arty Party Place’ – North Bend

It looks like Birches Habitat expanded into the retail space next door (former computer repair place) to create its ‘The Arty Party Place’ at the corner of North Bend Way and Bendigo artypartyplaceBlvd.  According to Birches Facebook page, the spot is an “art studio for the rest of us.” Patrons can channel their inner artist (even if they have no experience painting) at drop in painting parties.

Birches supplies the canvas, supplies, paint, as well as easy to follow painting lessons, for a fun time with friends. A glass of wine is also included in the evening.  For prices and times, check out Birches Habitat Facebook page or call the store at 425.292.9390

Barriga Llena, AKA ‘The Taco Truck’ – Snoqualmie

Located in the parking lot of the Snoqualmie Market, Barriga LLena, also known as the ‘Taco Truck’ barrigallena by locals, is doing quite well according to Rachelle Armstrong, owner of neighboring business, The Bindlestick.

Barriga Llena specializes in authentic Mexico City Mexican food. Rachelle says the food is great and the truck seems to be busy. Many patrons are now also bringing their taco truck food into the Bindlestick-  where they can grab a beer go alongside the food.

D2 Energy – Relocating to North Bend Waybendigobldg

It appears the historic building at the corner of Bendigo Blvd and North Bend Way (across Bendigo from Tweedes) is also getting new life and a tenant.  D2 Energy, who sell, repair and maintain generators for industrial and commercial clients, will be moving their current facility on Boalch  Ave to historic, downtown North Bend in about a month.

Ray’s Dining Car – Snoqualmie

Ray’s will be occupying the restaurant space on Railroad Ave – the former home of La Fogata Mexican restaurant.  Owner Ray Fisher says they hope LaFogatato be open by mid May 2014.  The menu will consist of an “eclectic variety of homemade comfort food.”  Ray’s will also have a full bar and an extensive beer selection.

Fisher says he’s had another restaurant in Tallahassee Florida for the past seven years called Ray’s Steel City Saloon, which will now be managed for him as he focuses on starting Ray’s Dining Car.

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic – Snoqualmie

Remember the old Bank of America building on River Street near Snoqualmie City Hall? Since the bank closed, Open houseit was used as the temporary home for a state liquor store and then as office space for the hospital, but now building has new life.

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital opened its new Rehabilitation Clinic for physical, occupational and speech therapy in the space in late March.  The public is invited to the clinic’s open house on Tuesday, April 22nd from 3-6PM. There will be cake and soda, as well as free posture screenings.

Tip Top Nails – North Bend

North Bend welcomes its newest nail salon.  I believe this makes the 4th nail place in North Bend – this one is on North Bend Way in front of QFC.tiptopnails1

Before you say, “It’s too many,” as a person who loves getting her nails done, I can attest to the fact that all the nail salons seem busy, so I must not be the only Valley resident who enjoys it.

I gave Tip Top a try and would recommend it.  The massage chairs were new and comfortable – and when the massage was on it didn’t feel like it was going to rock me out of the chair.  They use liners in the soaking bath, sterilize all equipment and have a 20% off special going until the end of May. The standard pedicure also includes a parafin wax dip.

The owner, Betty,  is a Maple Valley resident and said she hopes people will stop in and give her new shop a try.

Wild Hare Vintage – Snoqualmie

Located on Railroad Ave in the small red building (looks like a small house) near the Milk Barn, with the big white rabbit face painted on the side, Wildwildhare Hare Vintage took a former feed store business space and turned it into a vintage store.

They sell vintage and repurposed household goods and furniture, along with being an authorized dealer of non-toxic and odorless  American Paint Co. paints.

Wild Hare also offers painting classes for those wanting to give furniture new life – and they will also buy estate furniture directly from residents.

Piccola and Sigillo Wineries

Snoqualmie and North Bend will both soon welcome new winery tasting rooms.  You can read that earlier story HERE.


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  • Hello! One “new” business missing from this list. The Medium, a custom art + design studio that has been operating for 10 years, is now located in the corner suite of the John L. Scott Building. Please check out the website for more information!

  • Are we getting a walmart, I sure hope so, shopping at our two grocery stores is a pain, they are high priced and the carry mostly their own brand and in smaller pkg. so if you want for example a larger size you have to buy two. Frustrating. They also drop things I want and then I can’t get them. How about a Haggens? That would be great. Bar tells seem kind of junky low end stuff except for make up.

    1. A bar doesn’t necessarily imply junky or low end but, a walmart does and it will drive every local business out of the neighborhood.

      1. Although I would agree in this case, snoqualmie does not need another “comfort food” joint. All we have are burger joints, pizzerias, teriyaki places that all serve a variation on one another.

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