Car, Cyclist Accident in Historic Snoqualmie Reminder to Take it Slow During Busy After School Hours

If you drive Railroad Ave during that after school time of day, you know the main thoroughfare through historic Snoqualmie is a busy place.

This 30MPH section of Railroad Ave/SR 202 is fairly busy just from normal traffic, but once Mount Si High School and Snoqualmie Middle School release students around 2:30PM each day, the two-lane road has the added traffic pressure of teenage drivers, parents picking up students and numerous large school buses.

Railroad:NewtonmapYesterday around 3:15PM, there was an accident involving a vehicle and bicyclist on Railroad Ave near Newton Street – near Angel’s Shabby Chic Thrift Store and  the laundromat.  Luckily, everyone was okay.

Via email Snoqualmie Police Captain Nick Almquist said the young cyclist involved was okay and transported to a local hospital as a precautionary measure.

One parent who witnessed the accident scene was relieved to hear that good news.  She said the large amount of police and fire response at the scene, as well as seeing the bicycle in the road, had her worried.

This incident is a good reminder to take it slow, resist those cell phones.  Also remember, Railroad Ave has unique traffic pressures when 2,000 middle and high school students release from school around 2:30PM Monday-Thursday and around 12:30PM on Friday.

Oh, and let’s not forget the elementary schools.  Snoqualmie and North Bend Elementary release at 3:25PM, once again bringing more cars and school buses to Railroad Ave as another roughly 1,000 kids get transported home to Snoqualmie.




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