Car Drives into Fall City Roadhouse, Causes one day Closure

The Fall City Roadhouse, located at 4200 Preston-Fall City Road, is closed Thursday, June 2, 2016, after a car drove into the front of the restaurant around 6:30AM. The popular inn and restaurant sits adjacent the busy SR 202/SR 203 roundabout.

According to an employee, no one was hurt inside the restaurant, but there was “quite a bit” of clean up and repairs to do. The Roadhouse doesn’t open until 8AM according to their Facebook page, so luckily no one was seated in the window tables at the time of the accident.

A Relay for Life Wine Tasting Fundraiser scheduled to happen Thursday evening was also canceled. The management team said they would use their Facebook page to post updates when they become available.

King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jason Houck said it appears the driver went straight instead of tuning left to go toward the roundabout, probably going a little fast.

He said the driver was taken to an Issaquah hospital and the King County Building Inspector would examine possible structural damage to the historic Roadhouse Inn.

Sgt. Houck said the driver will likely be ticketed.

Fall City Roadhouse, 6/2/16. Photo: Shannon Gray
Fall City Roadhouse, 6/2/16. Photo: Shannon Gray


roadhouse 2
Fall City Roadhouse, 6/2/16. Photo: Shannon Gray

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