Car Prowl Alert Issued, City Official Apologizes for Reggae Festival that Drew Noise Complaints from Miles Away

North Bend Car Prowls

The City of North Bend issued a press release August 24, 2015 warning residents that Snoqualmie Police Officers serving Bend recently responded to several car prowls in the area of the Rock Creek Ridge Apartments on Ribary Way, as well as in the Wood River neighborhood.

According to the release, residents are being asked to ensure their cars are locked at all times and asked to remove any valuables from the car or locked in the trunk.

Anyone with suspect information related to these recent car prowls is asked to call the Snoqualmie Police Department at 425-888-3333.

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Weekend Reggae Festival Draws Multiple Noise Complaints

The City of Snoqualmie received three formal complaints at City Hall, but many more via the Police Department, early Sunday, August 23, 2015, in response to a Reggae Festival held at Snoqualmie Point Park.

The noise was notably loud in the Deer Park neighborhood of Snoqualmie Ridge, located about 3 miles from the park, but was also heard in many other areas of Snoqualmie Ridge. Deer Park residents stated the music could be heard loudly – even with windows closed and air conditioning running – and many assumed the music was coming from a nearby house party.

This was the first music festival approved at Snoqualmie Point Park. According to a city spokesperson, the music was likely at the decibel limit, but carried differently than officials anticipated.

The city did not expect the music, which was supposed to end at midnight but reportedly ran until 1:30AM, to be audible at the distances reported by residents. The city stated it was unclear at this time why the midnight ending time for the festival was not enforced.

Concerts are rare at Snoqualmie Point Park, as parking is very limited. The city spokesperson expected any future concert events would most likely be required to end earlier in the day or evening – like when the U.S. Navy Band recently performed at the park.

City Administrator Bob Larson issued this statement to residents on Wednesday, August 26, 2015:

I apologize for the noise that occurred on the night of Saturday, August 22 at a city-approved event. The International Reggae Festival at Snoqualmie Point Park (exit 27) had an approved end time of midnight, however, it continued until 1:00 a.m.

Upon review of the event and numerous resident complaints, going forward any music events approved by the City of Snoqualmie for Snoqualmie Point Park will not run later than 10:00 p.m.


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  • Thanks so much for investigating this. We also thought it was a party in our neighborhood (up the hill from you) and my teenage son kept telling me to call the police. I sent a complaint to the city and I hope others will, too. They should never allow an event like that again.

  • Was that they only live music festival going on that night? There was a “bike” gathering at Centennial fields that had a stage and live music. We thought that was where the music was coming from. We also complained that night to the Police and have followed up with the Snoqualmie city council this week. Way too loud, where ever it was coming from. We too are on the ridge, miles from both locations.

  • if the city is going to start requiring that events not annoy the residents, I hope they start with the golf tournament.

  • I too appreciate you posting more information about this. While I think fun events are important to our community, allowing permits for them to end at a reasonable time makes the best sense. There are so many families that chose to move to the ridge for the tranquility and to get away from the ‘noise’ of the city. I would like it to remain this way for my own family. I would fully support the events ending earlier 8 pm at the latest like our ‘Music in the Park’ evenings.

  • Just amazes me with what is and is not acceptable on the Ridge. Next time in the wonderful Eagle Pointe neighborhood, the partiers on my street with several children a piece decide to throw a garage party and drink, cuss and scream loudly, I’ll be sure I call the police. Let them rant up/down the street all day for all I care.

  • Agree that 11 or midnight should be a hard stop. We have such amazing venues for events like this, it’s too bad a handful of people can’t deal a few nights a year.

  • It’s great that we have all of these wonderful events, but there should be limitations so things don’t get out of hand.

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