Cascade View Elementary School Physical Therapist Named February Teacher Of The Month

Snoqualmie Valley Macaroni Kid has picked its February Teacher of the Month: Cascade View Elementary School Physical Therapist, Claudine Fairchild.  This is an amazing story and nomination letter.  I hope it inspires you like it did me.

“Claudine Fairchild has been my son’s Physical Therapist teacher since he was a baby.  And then later in preschool at Snoqualmie Elementary School, for special needs children, through the Encompass program, and all the way to this year’s third grade class at Cascade View Elementary School.  Claudine Fairchild has made such a huge difference in my son Gabriel’s life.  He would not be where he is today without her perseverance and deep belief for children like my son. Gabriel was born severely premature with very little hope of survival. We were told he would not play football, walk correctly, talk normally etc.  We were told it was going to be a long journey, with all kinds of therapies, by all the doctors that treated Gabriel and kept him alive.

When we met Claudine she changed everything for us and gave us one of the most priceless gifts anyone can give, hope and support.  Claudine has known Gabriel since he was a little baby all the way through third grade.  Today my son just turned 9.  Claudine has helped mold my son into what he is today by ensuring the skills he needed to thrive in everyday life such as school, home and social settings.  She has given him the perseverance and push he needed so much to achieve and be a kid.

We want very much to honor her for what she has done for our family and Gabriel.  She is an angel!  She also treats and teaches so many other children across the Snoqualmie Valley School District with special needs and we do not want her to go unnoticed.  Her job isn’t always an easy one.  We know.  Her determination everyday to give it her all has affected so many.  Please consider this nomination.  She is a true gem in the rough and her dedication to those in need is not just a job to her, but a passion we see she has had throughout the years to give back to her community and abroad.  Thank you MK for giving us a chance to do this.  We have always wanted to commend her with more than just thank you.”

This choice highlights the ongoing dedication so many of our teachers and staff have for Snoqualmie Valley’s children.  In addition to the honor, Claudine receives a $100 gift certificate to The Woodman Lodge, courtesy of Bridget Franklin from the Cascade Team Real Estate Agency and the Woodman Lodge, a massage gift certificate from Therapeutic Health in North Bend, as well as a plaque from Issaquah Trophy & Awards.

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