Coming This April – Snoqualmie Community Center !

Yes, everyone, it’s true.  This April Snoqualmie will finally break ground on its long awaited (and much debated) community center.  After 12 years and 3 failed bond votes….. something is actually  being built!  It’s not a 35,000 sq. ft facility – more like 12,000 ft – but it’s a start….

At its July 26th meeting, city council awarded the approximately $4 million design and construction contract to Wallace Properties/Lance Mueller & Associates/GLY Construction team.  The project is funded by $2.8 million in mitigation money, $216,00 from Snoqualmie Tribe contract money and $951,00 from real estate excise tax money.  You can find the link to the winning bid below….

This is an initial concept that will be refined with community input.  Yes, there will be community meetings this fall where we can all contribute our two cents!  The plans includes possible building expansions should the city get the $800,000 CTED grant for which it applied.  They should get an answer this fall.  If awarded the grant, additional square footage will be added to the building before construction begins this spring.

The plan also shows future possibilities for additional expansions like a pool, locker rooms, multipurpose rooms and a full gym…. initial plan has a smaller gym.  These possible expansions aren’t funded at this time.  They are included in the initial design so that if funding becomes available in the future they can easily be added to the existing building.

So after years and years of discussing, debating(nicely and not nicely), countless community surveys and meetings…. there is at long last a shovel going in the ground.   Stop – writer making big sigh of relief!  The 12 year old sign that says “Future Community Center Site” will finally be replaced by an actual Snoqualmie YMCA/Community Center building in October 2011.

I moved here 9 years ago with a 6,4 and 2 yr old…. and pregnant with my 4th child.  I came from an area with a community center and couldn’t wait for one in my new community.  The new Snoqualmie Community Center may not be the large facility some were hoping for…. but it’s something and it’s a start.  For that I am happy!  Maybe now my 15, 13, and 11 yr old kids can stop hanging out in front and inside  the grocery store……


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