District changes some ‘Limited Transportation’ Snow Routes for Snoqualmie, Fall City

The Snoqualmie Valley School District announced recently that it has adjusted some of its Limited Transportation (i.e. snow/ice) school bus routes for the 2016-17 school year. [Note: some of the changes includes Cascade View and Timber Ridge Elementary students needing to walk or be transported by parents.]

During times of inclement weather conditions that impact road conditions, buses often need run on these Limited Transportation routes. When these situation occur, SVSD transportation divides the district into three key areas – A, B and C – that experience weather conditions differently, based on their elevations.

 The district said some adjustments were made to select pick-up locations this year in an effort to ensure buses can safely reach students, minimize congestion and to improve efficiencies.
The changes involve Area B, which is mostly Snoqualmie neighborhoods and two Fall City routes – Lake Marie and Lake Alice.

Here are the changes for  Limited Transportation routes for Area B:

  • Snoqualmie Ridge: Students from MSHS, CKMS and TFMS only will be picked up at the three intersections of SE Ridge St. & Fairway Ave., Fairway & Muir St., and Muir St. & Douglas Ave. SE. All Cascade View students in this area (including Eagle Lake and Crestview Loop residents) will need to walk a few blocks to school or be transported by parents, when snowy conditions call for “Limited Transportation” routes.
  • Deer Park: Buses will pick up MSHS and CKMS students only at the Swensen Ave. & Leitz SE intersection. Timber Ridge students will need to walk a few blocks to school, or be transported by a parent, when snowy conditions call for “Limited Transportation.”
  • Aster Creek & Eagle Point: The pick-up location is at Jacobia St. & Hancock Ave. SE.
  • Highland Drive & Tokul Road: Students will be picked up at three stops at the intersections of: Main Line & 396th Drive SE; 396th Drive & SE 53rd Street; and SE 53rd Way & Tokul Road SE.
  • Other Snoqualmie snow routes were not changed; All snow routes are HERE.
In addition, two Fall City areas will now be serviced as part of Area B (instead of “Area C”). Due to their higher elevations, these areas are more likely to be impacted by the same weather conditions as Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhoods:
  • Lake Alice: Buses will pick up students at the SE 56th Street trail head, with no transportation into Heather Crest.
  • Lake Marie: Buses will pick up students at 356th Ave. SE at the first entrance to Spring Glenn.

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