Updated: Early Morning School Bus vs. Bicycle Accident on North Bend Way

Update 8:51 AM: According to the Snoqualmie Police Department, North Bend Way between Meadowbrook and Stone Quarry is closed in both directions for the collision investigation.

Photo Courtesy of the City of North Bend’s Facebook page

Please use alternate routes as this roadway will be closed for a significant amount of time.


Original Story

At 7:26 AM October 26th, Eastside Fire & Rescue (EFR) units responded to a school bus vs. bicycle accident at the 39000 Blk. of SE North Bend Way.

Bellevue medics and EFR transported one adult male with life-threatening injuries to Harborview Hospital.

There were no students on the bus at the time.

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  • My name is Matthew Miller I was the cyclist struck by the school bus I suffered a punctured spleen my lung was bleeding internal bleeding on my stomach I had a tube fed up my nose down my throat and into my stomach suctioning old blood out for like 12 hours I suffered a laceration on my head with 20 Staples and 12 broken bones five broken ribs that punctured my organs a fractured scapula dislocated clavicle for a fractured vertebrae and my neck and my t5 was affected somehow I’m still awaiting surgery I am currently homeless and living in a tent and the Ballard section of Seattle I’m constantly an agonizing pain and due to the constant rain I’m always miserable

  • Living Snoqualmie