Appreciation is Under my Tree this year, Happy Holidays to a wonderful Community

Oped | Establishment Politics on School Board need to end, Simpson right choice for board president

Oped | Why Trump did not earn my vote

Oped | Why Trump

Oped | So ready for ‘Election 2016’ Reality Show to end, but still embracing the Vote

District gets permit to begin Mount Si High School rebuild; time to excavate, grade, drill

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Student Opinion | In Defense of Stress: Working Hard, Preparing for my Future

Op-ed | Is the District Scared to Let Parents Have a Say?

Small Business Saturday, a Post Black Friday Shopping Intervention that’s Good for Stress Levels

Dismal Amount of General Election Ballots Returned so Far; Time to Find Yours Buried on the Kitchen Counter, Desk

Editorial | Oh the Small Town Politics, Sign Tactics Continue… ‘Not Cool’

Editorial | Social Media like Word of Mouth on Steroids; Caution Urged when Comes to Local Businesses

Police Chief: YES on Prop 1, Best Starts for Kids, Investment in Safer, Stronger Communities

EDITORIAL | Please Respect those Candidate Signs; Enjoy the Elk, but Put Safety First

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Saying Goodbye: Small Valley to Big City, but Snoqualmie Will Always be HOME

Op-ed | Downtown Snoqualmie Renovation Shines, Revitalizes Historic Area

LETTER | Fire, Police Say Majority Took 4th of July Fire Warnings Seriously; Fireworks Use Down

LETTER | Aging out of Special Education Program, Young Adults with Disabilities Face Different Kind of Future, Need Community Support

THANK YOU to the school district and teachers, the Village that Helped get my kids to the land of ‘adulting’

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