Election Results: Local Incumbents Win Big, More Police for North Bend, More Background Checks for Guns

election2014_0In King County, with over 40% ballots returned and ready for counting, there weren’t any big surprises in local election results.  King County Elections still has over 400,000 additional ballots to count, but the final results of these local races and ballot measures aren’t expected to change.

State Legislative District No. 5 Representative Position No. 1

Jay Rodne – 58%

Essie Hicks – 42%


Legislative District No. 5 Representative Position No. 2

Chad Magendanz – 59%

David Spring – 41%


City of North Bend Proposition 1 for Public Safety

This small sales tax increase would fund an additional police officer and protect current fire services in North Bend.

Yes – 61.3%

No – 38.7%


Si View Parks District Proposition 1 One Year Maintenance & Operations Levy

This replacement levy would continue current funding and programming in the Si View Parks District

Yes – 71.2%

No – 28.8%

Initiative 594

As for the three statewide ballot measures, with over 60% of ballots counted, only one of the measures has been called. It looks like Initiative 594 has passed, which would require background checks for gun purchases from private sellers and gun shows. Currently, background checks are only required for guns purchased from licensed dealers.

Initiative 594

Yes – 59. 5%

No –  40.5%


Initiative 591

Initiative 591, which would prevent the government from confiscating firearms without due process and implementing background checks unless a federal standard is established, appears to have failed.

Yes – 45. 2%

No – 54.8%


Initiative 1351

Initiative 1351 that would require fewer students per classroom in grades K-12, is too close to call, appearing to be a tied in the first election results. If the final results are within 2,000 votes, an automatic recount is triggered

Yes – 50.14%

No – 49.86%


Election Results Updates

King County Elections will continue counting ballots during the upcoming weeks.  An election results update will be added each business day around 4:30PM until the election is certified on November 26, 2014.



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