Governor Inslee indefinitely freezes counties advancing phases in state reopening plan

On Wednesday, July 29th, Governor Inslee announced via Twitter he has now indefinitely extended the freeze on counties advancing phases in Washington’s Safe Start [reopening] Plan.

The governor stated, “Cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all on the rise in WA. It is irresponsible to continue opening until we get this virus back under control.”

Hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19 have decreased in Western Washington since the early spring peak, but have recently started increasing according to the state. Although the positive test rate has increased slightly in King County, testing has also expanded since mid June.

Many of the new coronavirus cases have been hitting younger demographics, especially those under 35. While younger people may not get severely sick, state health officials say if the trend continues, the virus will eventually spread to older and immune compromised residents.

The initial freeze on county phase progression was scheduled to expire on July 28th. The governor said in last week’s press conference that he expected the phase freeze to continue past July 28th.

King County entered phase 2 on June 19th. Since that time – and as new cases have increased – the state has altered phase rules, including new restaurant restrictions that start on July 30th; reduced social gathering sizes for phase 3; and placed a ban on live entertainment.

Most King County school districts have also reversed course on hybrid reopening plans, instead now opting for an all remote learning this fall.

The Snoqualmie Valley School District is expected to announced if it will follow suit – and go all remote – on July 31st.

See all of Governor Insee’s updated Safe Start Phase guidance HERE.

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  • Typical. Thats Washington State for ya. The people who voted for this circus ring of state leaders got nothing to complain about. You are the ones who voted the clowns into office and now you can live with it.

    1. BS there Monday morning quarterback. Inslee is performing admirably under horrible lack of support from Trump and his stormtroopers. Guess you can’t fix stupid or Trump.

    2. Move to another state, Donald. Inslee is the only Gov. smart enough to save us from this ridiculous administration.

      1. Since you think someone criticising the governor should move to another state, has it occurred to you to apply your logic to your criticism of the president and move yourself to a different country?

  • According to

    The 7 day rolling average for deaths in King Co is 1 per day.

    The 7 day rolling average for hospitalizations for King Co is 6.

    I guess the curve isn’t flat enough.

  • WA State has seen 1555 deaths in a population of 7,615,000. This is 0.02%.

    19% of cases are in ages 60-80+. The same age group accounts for 88% of deaths. (Most of these deaths are in 75+, but the site doesn’t break it down like this. I wonder why??)

    Maybe we should protect the elderly and the ones with underlying issues like diabetes, obesity, etc. and let the rest of us get back to our lives.

    If you want to wear a mask and stay home cowering in fear go ahead.

    1. And how many are real COVID deaths? Both Florida and the CDC were caught grossly misreporting cases by the tens of thousands and having to later correct them, and the Illinois Department of Heath director stated in April, “Even if they died from clear alternate cause, if they test positive for COVID, it’s recorded as a COVID death.” An example of which was exposed in the past few weeks of a Port St Lucie, FL man who died in a motorcycle wreck but was recorded as a COVID death.

      The virus may be real, but the plandemic was a hoax from the start.

  • BS. Everyone I talk to hates Inslee and have wanted to Vote his ass out of office for some time now. He is a failed leader, as is Derkin. Their incompetence and support for the Marxist party will rectified on the next election.

  • I thank Gov. Inslee for putting our safety first. A life is a life. The age of a life taken, doesn’t make it of any less value in my mind. We interact with elderly (65+) people, or people who interact with them, on a daily basis. Our paths will always cross. Inslee is making the right decision in my mind. I’m glad to live in a place with a leader who cares for our well-being.

  • Wow, Trump and his storm troopers, brilliant. What does that make the rioters, looters, anarchists,
    and taggers, Snow White and the seven dwarfs ?

  • Get your goggles ready, everyone. Come September we should all be in full hazmat suits.

  • Living Snoqualmie