Heirloom Cookshop closing Snoqualmie location, looking for new home

Heirloom Cookshop owner Kristen Schumacher announced that a rent increase for the historic Snoqualmie building that houses her 3-year old business is what triggered the tough decision to look for a new home.

Schumaker said, “Sadly I have decided not to re-sign and extend my lease for this awesome building. The higher rent increase, NNN and financial responsibility for all building maintenance costs is not sustainable for my small business.”

Heirloom opened in the summer of 2017, after an extensive remodel of the century-old former bank at the corner of Falls Ave and River Street in downtown Snoqualmie. Schumacher transformed the interior into a vibrant space that operated as both a restaurant, cooking school and event space. It also hosted a popular summer farmers market and the outdoor holiday market.

Schumacher said the closure has nothing to do with mismanagement, adding, “I have successfully run Heirloom Cookshop for the past three years…We have hosted endless events, markets, special occasions, workshops, and meals with so many amazing people. I am so proud of the work we have all done. But the cost to run a unique business like this is difficult in this city and state because of the cost of rent, the cost of high quality and local goods sold and the challenge of changing labor laws. I know I am not alone in my challenges.”

Heirloom is not closing its Snoqualmie doors until February 16th. Until then they will continue to be open for dinners on Thursday & Friday from 5pm – close; brunches on Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-2pm; and they are also offering some of their popular classes between now until that last day.

On February 16th Heirloom will host a Last Hurrah OPEN HOUSE event that starts at 5PM and will run until ‘whenever.’ During the event they will be selling extra bottles of wine, specialty retail items and ingredients at discounted prices. All vendors, friends, neighbors and community members – even pets – are invited. 

Heirloom is looking for a new home, with Kristen saying would love to stay in the Snoqualmie Valley, but is open to anywhere. She’s hoping to find a space where she can set up a kitchen to host classes, prep for catering and fulfill her daily retail food accounts. She does not plan to jump in to another leased restaurant space right away, though. Instead she plans to revise her business plan, incorporating what she’s learned during the past three years running Heirloom.

Kristen said, “I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to be part of this building’s history. It has been a beautiful journey filled with lots of hard work, sacrifice, creativity and love.”

Good Luck to the whole Heirloom Cookshop team. To keep up with hours and happenings visit: www.heirloomcookshop.com

Heirloom Cookshop, January 2020. PC: Facebook

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  • Sad to see this gem struggle. But have to question the operating model of only being open for dinner two nights per week and brunch on weekends. If the place was open we would have eaten there more!!! Would try to go for dinner on Sunday’s and find a dark building.

  • Come to Fall City! You have impeccable tastes and great programming – the rising rents in Snoqualmie is an opportunity to continue to build on Fall City’s local charm!

    1. So sorry I never was able to make it to any of your classes
      There must be a location in NBend small eateries
      In 1976 I was a cooking teacher and foodsylist for 35 years.in Seattle.
      I am sadden when you have a love for food and teaching that is has to go away and maybe it doesn’t have to . I am a good friend of Robbie Hollister and the family.
      If you would like to e mail me please feel free. I know many friends in Seattle that might help you and or give advise.

  • Kristen you and your staff are a talent we want to succeed in our community. Rent is never a problem when there are sales to support. We have a gateway location that will deliver a fabulous bottom line after rent in North Bend.. With over 35 years in retail, we can help develop a business plan for success. Partnership possible.

  • Living Snoqualmie