Helping Neighbors: Snoqualmie Tribe delivers Easter Hams around the Valley

Over the past weekend and as part of the annual observance of Easter, the Snoqualmie Tribe worked with organizations in the Snoqualmie Valley to distribute hams to Elders and families in an effort to help supply a good meal for holiday dinners.

Local organizations that received hams from the Snoqualmie Tribe were:

  • Mt Si Food Bank
  • Mt Si Senior Center
  • Carnation Food Bank
  • Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank

“It is an important part of our culture that we take care of Elders and those who are struggling with hard times,” said Snoqualmie Tribal Chairwoman Jolene Williams. “We are very happy to be in a position where we can reach out and help our neighbors here in the Snoqualmie Valley. Our hope is that donations like this help Elders and families to spend time together enjoying a healthy, hearty meal.”

Charissa Wakeford of the Mount Si Food Bank said, “We want to express our gratitude for the Tribe’s generous Easter Donation. The Snoqualmie Tribe has been such a blessing to those in need in our local community.” She added, “During past holidays, those on the receiving end of hams and turkeys have told us how without this gift they wouldn’t have had a traditional holiday meal. They wouldn’t have invited friends and family around and it wouldn’t have been as bright.”


Snoqualmie Tribal members delivering hams to the Mt. Si Senior Center last week. Photo courtesy of the Snoqualmie Tribe

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