Holy Candy Batman | Snoqualmie Valley Kids Donate Record Amount of Halloween Candy to Troops Overseas

It’s confirmed, trick or treating in the Snoqualmie Valley obviously reaps great candy rewards, as evidenced by all the excess candy that was donated at the candy boxesYMCA the week after Halloween.

The boxes were stacked so high they partially blocked the office window at the Snoqualmie Valley YMCA. All week long, the candy just kept pouring in as the YMCA once again ran its Halloween Candy Buyback program.

The scale was set up in the entryway. Kids weighed their extra candy, dumped it in the large collection barrel and then received a prize based on how many pounds of candy they donated.

And the pounds kept coming and coming from November 1st – November 9th, with box after box taped and readied for shipping to U.S. Military Troops serving overseas.

In the end, Snoqualmie Valley YMCA Director, Dave Mayer, said local kids donated 734 pounds of extra Halloween candy to American troops. That’s almost a half ton of candy!

Mayer said this was a record for the annual Candy Buyback event, surpassing last year’s total  by a whopping 200 pounds or 40%. YMCA staff members loaded up the candy and delivered it to the USO on Thursday, November 13, 2014.

Mayer was excited by the results and commented, “What a great way for the youth in our community to learn to give back and stay healthy.”

Snoqualmie Valley YMCA staff member delivering over 700 pounds of candy donation to USO on 11/13/14


SUV packed full of 700 pounds of YMCA Candy for Troops, delivered 11/13/14.


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