Johnny Depp Appearance in Carnation Creates Social Media Buzz

It started about noon yesterday…. a buzz.  A buzz that actor Johnny Depp was in town.  Snoqualmie Valley women were asking me where he was.  And, of course, I should know, right?  Wrong.  Mr. Depp forgot to email me his itinerary I guess.

A couple of  hours later, via social media and a friendly Salish employee, the rumor, the buzz, was confirmed.  Yes, Johnny Depp was in the Snoqualmie Valley and and at the Carnation filming location for the movie Lucky Them.

Those social media posts and pictures were removed this morning by Miller’s Carnation, who kindly obliged the party asking for their removal.  The photos, though, had already had gone viral and have shown up on Depp Fan pages, movie filming websites and on a local Seattle media Facebook page.

Since their removal the Salish Facebook page also confirmed Depp was recently in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Lucky Them is the last movie project Paul Newman was working on when he died in 2008.  They’ve been filming in the Seattle area since the end of January and film crews were in downtown Snoqualmie filming on Febrary 12 – and then the following day headed to Carnation and Camp Korey for more movie-making.

According to the Miller’s Carnation (a local gift shop, artsy mercantile) Facebook page last night, the crew of Lucky Them came back out to Carnation yesterday to re-shoot some scenes… and Johnny Depp happened to be there.  Store owners could not confirm that today.

Depp isn’t listed as an actor in the movie and it hasn’t been confirmed if he had a cameo role or was visiting someone working on the film… but according to Facebook yesterday, he was there.  The filming reportedly happened west of Miller’s store on Bird Street in Carnation.

According to a Salish Lodge employee, Depp dined at the Salish Monday night, February 25th.

But it sounds like Johnny is now gone back to LA movie-land now.  And for those wondering why we didn’t find out earlier that the famous actor was in town?  I am guessing this is precisely why.

Oh, and because he forgot to email me his itinerary.  Have a great day.

Photo of Depp in Carnation, February 26, 2013, courtesy of Originally posted by Miller's Carnation.
Photo of Depp in Carnation, February 26, 2013, courtesy of Originally posted on Miller’s Carnation Facebook page.
Johnny Depp in Carnation, Feb. 26, 2013 courtesy of Jeff Warren Insurance Facebook page, originally posted by Miller's Carnation.
Johnny Depp in Carnation, Feb. 26, 2013 courtesy of Jeff Warren Insurance Facebook page, originally posted on Miller’s Carnation Facebook.


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  • Love you JD we all love you here in Dallas, TX. I don’t have a favorite film you stared in I love them all. Love you in “Alice in Wonderland” though my son likes “Edward Scissor-hands” 😉 just saying.

    1. I feel SO SORRY for actors and actresses. The publicity they have to deal with. Yes… most doughtily I’d be star stuck by Johnny Depp if he walked into my store, and so many other actors and actresses, but good god… their just like the rest of us! Made of matter, flesh and blood. Why hound them? or where they might have been, who they might have seen?

      It’s unbelievable to me… and so sad! I’m so glad I’m not famous!!!! That would suck… in this day and age, to be hounded everyday… where have you been, who have you seen, what did you smell, did you taste anything I should know about? How many times did you breath today etc… It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS to me,
      but still, PEICE TO YOU, and to everyone…famous or not!

  • damm, i live in duvall, wa. 15 min. from carnation.
    i would have loved to seen johnny. thats just a part of being famous

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