King County Waste Management Recycle and Yard Waste Drivers Go On Strike; Snoqualmie Collection Update

Teamsters 117 union leaders have been talking about a possible strike for two months now and according to Komo News it’s finally happened.  Glad my Waste Management pick up day was yesterday.

Waste Management faces fines and penalties per contracts with local cities if they miss pick ups.  They have stated in the past they plan to bring in replacement drivers to honor those contracts.

The City of Snoqualmie says,  “Waste Management reports today that Teamsters Local 117 recycle and yard waste drivers are on strike. Teamsters Local 174 garbage drivers may choose to support the strike by not returning to work tomorrow. It is unclear how long drivers will remain off the job.  According to Mary Evans, Area Director of Waste Management, Snoqualmie routes will not be affected. Waste Management has put a contingency plan in place and all recycle, yard waste and garbage collection will continue in Snoqualmie.”

Residents can check the local Snoqualmie Waste Management page for service updates or call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 with questions.

From Komo News:

Dozens of Waste Management workers hit the picket lines on Wednesday, leaving many in the area unsure whether their pickup service would be interrupted.  Local Teamsters spokesman, Paul Zilly, said 153 yard waste and recycling drivers from King and Snohomish counties went on strike at 10AM.

The union said the National Labor Relations Board is investigating Waste Management for a number of alleged violations, including “bad-faith bargaining, coercing and direct dealing with its employees, threatening to retaliate against workers, and unilaterally changing working conditions. Read more…



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