Letter | Big Thank You from Elected Council Member

Dear Editor and Readers,

I am honored by your support as I move into Position #5 on the North Bend City Council.

While on this adventure, I met and befriended many new people and became even closer to others I’ve known for some time. And though North Bend is comprised of a diverse lot, be it by age, gender, or lifestyle, we all share a common bond; which is that we love our community and only want the best for it.

If along the way I earned your vote, whether we’ve met or not, I thank you.

To those who helped me, you made it possible to win this seat. Your contributions, which varied person to person – everything from wise advice to a swift kick in the butt, helping spread the word to being an honest soundboard – all of your time, support, and encouragement shaped this outcome.

For you, I am grateful.

We have new opportunities awaiting us. I am excited to serve our community as best I can and will strive to achieve all the goals I promised. There are many things yet to do, and I am ready.


Brenden Elwood


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