Letter | Fletcher only candidate with clear vision for alternative to Mill Site development

[This letter comes from Snoqualmie resident Dana Hubanks. You can send letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com.]

Dear Editor,

With our local primary elections rounding the corner, a lot of community members are feeling the need to publicly express support and enthusiasm for particular candidates. I count myself among them, as I am writing today to express my full support for mayoral candidate and former Mayor Fuzzy Fletcher. If elected, Fuzzy’s integrity, experience, strength, vision, innovation, and honesty will continue to guide him as a servant to our community as we enter the future.

My support for former Mayor Fletcher has developed over many months for many different reasons; but today, I will share with you just one reason why I offer him my full support. Over the past several months, I have dedicated a large fraction of my time to the research and analyzation of the proposed Snoqualmie Mill Site development. As an informed citizen who has spent countless hours pouring over environmental assessment documents and City records, and who has spent almost as many hours on the phone with the Department of Ecology, the Attorney General’s office, and various independent environmental experts, I can confidently say that the proposed Mill Site development plan is irresponsible, rash, tone-deaf and capable of posing serious threats to the public health, cultural integrity, and economic viability of the existing Snoqualmie community. To date, former Mayor Fletcher is the only mayoral candidate who has openly and firmly expressed his disapproval of the currently proposed Mill Site development plan.

As has often been expressed throughout this campaign process, strong leaders need strong vision. Fuzzy Fletcher has repeatedly expressed a clear vision for an alternative to the proposed Mill Site development and has vowed to hear and heed citizen voices regarding concerns over the fate of the site. If, like me, you are concerned about the future of the Mill Site, please consider casting your vote for Fuzzy Fletcher to ensure that decisions made by the City that deeply and significantly affect the City’s residents will be made from a place of responsibility and intentionality, with full consideration given to all risks.


Dana Hubanks Snoqualmie, WA

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