Letter | Larson consistently acts in interest of the community, helped save library

[This letter comes from former Snoqualmie librarian Loretta Herman. You can send letters of support for your candidate to info@livingsnoqualmie.com.]

Dear Editor,

As a former Snoqualmie librarian for 35 years and manager for 12, I urge voters to re-elect Matt Larson as mayor. If not for Matt’s leadership and largely unrecognized efforts, Snoqualmie may not have a library today.

In my final years as manager, the leadership of the KCLS were doing all they could to close our Snoqualmie Library and consolidate all Valley services to North Bend. When Matt Larson learned of this, he organized neighbors and friends, circulated a petition throughout the community and successfully lobbied the KCLS Board and Executive Director to reverse course and commit to the new library we all enjoy today.

I am deeply grateful that Snoqualmie did not lose its library altogether. Our library went from being one of the lowest performing libraries in the KCLS system to one of the highest largely due to Matt’s quiet leadership and efforts.

I am also proud of the work his administration has done to significantly revitalize the historic downtown. During his tenure as mayor, Matt has consistently acted in the interest of the community, even when facing significant adversity. Time and again, he has shown courage and vision in moving our community forward.

Please join me in re-electing Matt Larson mayor of Snoqualmie.

Loretta Herman
Snoqualmie librarian, 35 years

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