LETTER | Time to Make Investment in Our Kids’ Education, Prepare for Future Today

The Snoqualmie Valley School board has deliberated for the last two years over options to address the explosive growth of the Snoqualmie Valley and education needs of our next generation. In addition to that, Mount Si High School staff, students and faculty engaged in a visioning process to explore what an improved learning environment may do for students and educators. The fruits of their efforts is a comprehensive infrastructure plan in the form of a $244.4MM bond.

Snoqualmie Valley Rotary endorses this investment in contemporary, safe school buildings for our school district. Rotary has made it a priority to support education efforts in the community, and applauds the district leadership for conducting the due diligence to put this matter before the voters on February 10th, 2015.

Rotary is emphatic about our “YES” vote. We encourage our fellow citizens to vote yes to make this investment in our children’s education. This bond will expand and modernize Mount Si High School, reinstate a third middle school, add an elementary school and make improvements district-wide to existing schools. Regardless of geography or socioeconomic background, every student in the district will experience benefits from the broad scope of this plan.

During Rotary’s 30+ year tenure in The Valley, it has also our aim to provide assistance to seniors and the disabled. Concerns about the financial impact to our neighbors must be addressed. These individuals may qualify for exemptions from property taxes through the county. They can learn more by reaching out to the King County Assessor’s office for details, or by visiting kingcounty.gov/assessor. This exemption removes what we consider to be a significant economic matter related to the bond.

Please join Rotary by voting yes on February 10th. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Dan Marcinko

President, Snoqualmie Valley Rotary


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