Man Falls to Death While Hiking Near North Bend, Dog Survives

The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) said a 58-year old Mill Creek man fell to his death Sunday, September 27, 2015 while hiking with his dog in the Twin Falls Natural Area/Olallie State Park region near North Bend.

According to KCO, around 3:50PM witnesses saw the victim hiking a trail with his dog and was observed walking past a “trail closed” sign.

A short time later, after hearing a dog yelping, the witnesses went to investigate and saw the dog was on a cliff halfway down the mountain, but did not see the victim.

Eastside Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene and were able to spot the victim about 100 feet down the mountain.  When rescue units got to the man, it was discovered he had died from injuries sustained during the fall.   

KCSO said the dog was rescued from the cliff and was not injured. The victim’s name has not been released.


Photo: Screenshot Google Maps
Photo: Screenshot Google Maps


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  • My son and I hiked the trail earlier in the summer and we were amazed at the number of people who went past the “Trail Closed Sign”.

  • The trail has been “closed” off much too long, it should’ve been fixed by now. This trail is a gem and ,of course, people do not want to be denied getting to the falls from the bottom section of the trail. I wish the state park had put in as much effort into widening the trail by the mudslide as they did in putting up the “trail closed” blockades. Then, maybe we wouldn’t have a “victim”.

  • Living Snoqualmie