Momma Black Bear and Cubs Jump Backyard Fence on Cascade Ave To Find Dinner

There was a hungry momma black bear and cubs out looking for dinner on Snoqualmie’s Cascade Ave around 8:30PM last night, June 22nd.  They found it, but not in a non-fenced home backing to the golf course or a local greenbelt. This time the bears found food in the backyard of a home on the interior loop of Cascade Ave.

The homeowner reported that they leave their garbage container out back thinking there was no way a bear would come the whole way into their backyard.  She said they were very wrong and won’t be doing that again.  The mother bear and cubs jumped the home’s fence to access the backyard during daylight hours.  The homeowner immediately called 911.  The police arrived in 2 minutes, but the bears were already gone.

A Silent Creek neighborhood resident reported another bear sighting in that area last night, June 23rd.  Police again responded and helped shoo the bear away, who was  snacking from a bird feeder.  That resident reported the police officer stated they are indeed keeping track of sightings, saying there are about six bears they know of, two of which are in the Silent Creek area.   A reader also reported a bear cub in the backyard of a home in the Heights neighborhood yesterday.

The City of Snoqualmie is asking residents to call 911 to report bear sightings.  The city is working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to track local bear activity.

For anyone out there under the impression that fences deter hungry bears (myself included), that doesn’t appear to be the case.  It may be time for me to move my own garbage cans!  For tips on living in areas with black bears click HERE.  For information on Waste Management bear-resistant garbage containers (extra $3/month) visit the Snoqualmie Waste Management page.


Bears emptied garbage can stored in backyard
Watching for cars while crossing the Cascade Ave.
Watching for cars while crossing Cascade Ave
Bears climbing out of Cascade Ave backyard
Look closely – bear cub is on the top rail of the fence!


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  • The bears have broken through our screen door on our back porch twice. We keep a small garbage can there. Now we have to keep it emptied. We keep our big garbage can in the garage. Last week one of the bears climbed onto the garage roof of the neighbors house. We live in Fall City but get no results when we call anyone.

  • That looks like a bear on Mitchell Mt. that I call “brown butt”. That bear has been around our house and obviously finally had her cubs. She chased away here cubs from last year (Junior). Don’t panic too much. Put your garbage in the garage and if you’re really freaked out buy some fire crackers (tis the season).

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