Mount Si High School Class of 2012 – A Look Back At 18 Years of Journey Markers…

The graduating class of 2012 could be one defined by the historical events and technological advancements experienced during their coming of age school years.  Let’s take a look back at some things that marked the class of 2012’s road to graduation.

They were…

  • Born when Microsoft stock was splitting every quarter, few homes had computers, the internet was just taking off, The Lion King and Friends premiered
  • Born when President Clinton was in the early years his first term
  • Babies of many families who moved to the valley when North Bend, not Snoqualmie, was building subdivisions and “cookie cutter” houses
  • Potty training when cell phones took off and email was a new word – parents never imagining the teen years would be dominated by the two
  • Toddlers when the President Clinton met Monica Lewinsky, was later impeached and home computers were considered a luxury
  • Preschoolers when Microsoft invested millions to save Apple, paving the way for the innovative technology that dominated their teen years
  • Still in preschool when the first DVD player became available at a $1000 price tag and the first iMac launched
  • Still preschoolers when the first Snoqualmie Ridge home was built
  • Kindergarteners when the Dot Com bubble burst
  • 1st graders when the Nisqually Earthquake struck
  • 2nd graders when the towers fell, Osama Bin Laden became enemy #1 and the first iPod launched
  • 3rd graders when Snoqualmie Valley passed a bond that built two schools they wouldn’t attend, but built them top-notch high school athletic fields for their years at Mount Si
  • 3rd graders when the Iraq war began and seniors when it ended
  • 4th graders when Facebook entered the scene, secretly plotting to destroy My Space and take over their future social lives
  • Middle schoolers when the iPhone launched and notes were no longer needed to ask a girl out- because TEXTING became their lives
  • Getting ready for 7th grade when Twitter launched.  Today, it’s hash tag everything
  • Just starting high school when the economy crashed, banks folded and the real estate market collapsed
  • The last MSHS graduating class to attend 4 elementary schools.  Cascade View (5th school) opened as they entered middle school.
  • Not subjected to elementary school boundary changes, starting and finishing elementary school with the same friends
  • Students at only two middle schools – SMS and CKMS.  Twin Falls didn’t exist for them
  • North Bend middle school students who took long bus rides to Fall City and Snoqualmie – a normal part of North Bend middle school life
  • Freshman when the first African-American was elected president of the United States
  • The last class to attend MSHS during crowded years with no portables.  Their sophomore year saw the addition of much-needed portable classroom space and the Wildcat Court – and the iPad launched
  • Juniors when they pulled together to honor and mourn the loss of a classmate
  • Seniors (and Principal Belcher’s first MSHS graduating class) when they decided what their next step in life might be…

They are:   Good kids shaped by technology; captivated by social media; loved by parents; good friends with big hearts; survivors; forever connected to the Snoqualmie Valley – their home.

Congratulations Mount Si High School Class of 2012.  Good luck wherever your future leads…

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