New Changes to Legislative District Boundaries

[Guest Opinion Post by Senator Brad Hawkins]                   

The Washington State Redistricting Commission recently approved new boundaries for our state’s 49 legislative districts; a process completed every 10 years to balance the population among districts. One of the more significant changes – due to greater growth in Western Washington than central Washington involves the 12th Legislative District, which now reaches over the Cascade Mountains.

Specifically, the new boundary for the 12th District includes East Wenatchee, Chelan County, and portions of Snohomish County (Index to Monroe) and King County (North Bend to Duvall). As your 12th District state senator, I wanted to introduce myself. I was raised in Wenatchee and completed my K-12 education in the Wenatchee School District. After college and graduate school, I returned home to work and raise my family. My wife, Shawna, is a teacher and we have been married for 20 years. We live in East Wenatchee and have two teenage boys.

Prior to my election to the Legislature in 2012, I worked for 15 years for a public utility, supporting clean energy. I also served for 10 years on two different school boards, including two years as president of the Eastmont School Board, the district where my children attend school. Following my board service, I was elected to the House of Representatives. In 2016, I was elected state senator and re-elected in 2020. During my service in the Senate, I have built many positive relationships and have worked hard to pass bipartisan legislation.

One thing that often surprises people when they first meet me and discover that I serve as a Legislator, is when I tell them that I’m not very political. This seems a bit odd to some given my position, but the reality is that I view myself as a public servant and not a politician. As such, my office works diligently with both parties to reach the best outcome for the people of the 12th district. In my office, my staff and I emphasize being good listeners, helpful advocates, and prioritize excellent customer service. Since many of you may not know me, I want to share my public service commitment to you. As your State Senator, I will:

The Senate Early Learning and K-12 committee meets on January 11th, 2018.
  • Demonstrate a responsible use of tax dollars
  • Continually focus on serving constituents
  • Stay open-minded about issues before me
  • Be a good listener and respect differences
  • Answer questions directly and honestly
  • Be a good communicator by sharing facts
  • Always put public service before politics

I pride myself in being responsive and accessible to you and look forward to serving as your State Senator. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about state government. If you would like to receive regular updates about legislative activities, please subscribe to my e-newsletter at

Brad Hawkins is the state senator for the 12th District.

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  • Senator, Thank you for introducing yourself. As a reliable and staunch Democrat I will be paying special attention to what you have posted. We certainly have heard many profess the same. As you are well aware, most of these folks do not tell the truth. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.
    Again, Thank you

  • Senator, I’m looking forward to seeing how you legislate for the betterment of all citizens, and I appreciate your commitment to openness and transparency.

  • Living Snoqualmie