New Restaurant Opens in North Bend

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 11.11.41 AMAlert for all southern food fans!

Owners of the North Bend Truck Town (or Seattle East Truck Town) opened a new restaurant yesterday –  and one reader reports it’s good.

TravelCenters of America opened a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen adjacent the Country Pride sit-down restaurant inside its North Bend Truck Town location.

According to a press release, the new Popeye’s will offer a quick-serve meal option for professional drivers and motorists at exit 34 off I-90.  The new North Bend location is the 48th Popeye’s opened inside TravelCenters of America-owned travel “stopping centers.”

The new restaurant may be quick-serve, but still offers a full menu including chicken and shrimp meals and sandwiches, in addition to signature side dishes, sauces and desserts.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen opened in 1972 and is the world’s second largest quick-serve chicken-concept chain with 2,104 restaurants operating world-wide.

Welcome to the Valley Popeye’s.  Visit Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen website to check out their menu.

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  • Last night my husband stopped at Country Pride & the Truck Stop. He is a long haul trucker. Before midnight he ordered his meal. The young lady who waited on him took at least a half an hour to check on him to see if he needed anything. At midnight was a change of shift. Another young lady came on shift. My husband stood at the cash register for 15 minutes or more. The young lady looked up but didn’t come over to cash him out. Finally she comes over and told him they didn’t cash out at that register.
    I use to work for a restaurant as a supervisor. Your employees are spending more time in the back than in the front. They obviously either don’t want to be there or care about customers. My husbands time is precious and that was 45 minutes of sleep he lost. I am sorry to say he will not be going back to this restaurant.
    I have read countless reviews and this happens to a lot of customers. Where are the owners? Don’t they read the reviews? Do they care?

    Sleepy Truckers Wife

  • Living Snoqualmie