No Boat Brewing creates an outdoor oasis, delivers promised patio in big, creative way

There’s an outdoor oasis hiding in an unlikely spot in Snoqualmie…. in a business park on the side of a water sports warehouse building.

It’s patio inspired by Napa Valley and Pinterest and constructed by the handy owners of No Boat Brewery, which opened in late October and is quietly making a name for itself in the Snoqualmie Valley.

A little background: No Boat’s name was inspired by the location of their brewery and taproom. The warehouse is a distribution center for the popular Ronix wakeboard line. Part of the building was also used for boat storage and the brewery rents part of that area. So location helped inspire the name – No Boat Brewing Company.

When No Boat opened in the fall of 2016, the owners said they had plans to offer a patio area in the summer months – and they delivered in a big way. In fact, it was designed so well, you might just forget you’re in a parking lot. And the patio has been so well received, there are now plans to extend it and add capacity for 50 more patrons.

A Patio Inspired

Pallets have been transformed into fences – or the walls of the patio. The pallets also pull double-duty as planters thanks to a Pinterest idea where [french] drain pipe was cut in half and installed – or hidden – inside pallet sections, transforming those old pallets into succulent filled fence-planters.

Large galvanized water troughs were also turned into huge planters that anchor tall lattices. The top of those tall lattices serve as anchors for a large sunshade draped about 50 feet over the patio. Attached to that large sunshade are hundreds of patio lights.

The patio is rounded out by picnic tables, wine barrels, small table sets tucked away near those pallet walls – oh, and corn hull is there, too, in case you want to toss some bean bags. To top it off, the patio is also kid and pet friendly.

If it’s too hot for you, just stroll inside. Like we told you last fall, No Boat’s tasting room offers a comfortable, relaxed space. They’re also making more types of beer now, inspired by their head brewer who was a former wine maker in the Napa Valley area.

Food trucks visit No Boat regularly for hungry patrons – and according to their Facebook page, they don’t mind if you bring in your own takeout – or even order delivery to the brewery.

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Happy summer Snoqualmie Valley!




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