North Bend considers resolution opposing state’s preferred site for new weigh station near Truck Town, holds public hearing June 4th

At its Tuesday, June 4th City Council meeting, North Bend city officials and leaders are soliciting public input on the state’s [preferred] plan to locate a new truck weigh and inspection station on eastbound I-90 near exit 34.

The Public Hearing begins at 7PM at the Mt. Si Senior Center, 411 Main Ave. Comments can also be submitted in writing to City Clerk Susie Oppedal at P.O. Box 896, North Bend, WA, 98045, or by e-mail to: prior to 5PM, Monday, June 3rd.

On May 23rd, WSDOT announced the site near truck town was its preferred location after a yearlong process that examined multiple sites from Snoqualmie to Cle Elum for the new weigh station.

The City of North Bend is opposed to the location. After the May 23rd meeting, Interim City Administrator Mark Rigos issued the following statement:

“The City of North Bend attended the 4th meeting of the WSDOT Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) regarding a potential eastbound weigh station on the I-90 corridor.  At this meeting, WSDOT provided new information regarding Washington State Patrol’s desire for a new weigh station.  Based on these newly provided criteria and updated cost estimates, which are still very conceptual, WSDOT formally announced their preferred weigh station location is Milepost 33.5 in North Bend.  The City is concerned there are flaws in their cost estimates and that important criteria such as mitigation costs have not been factored in to minimize adverse impacts to life safety, public health and the environment.

North Bend City Council fully supports the I-90/SR 18 Interchange Project and wishes to expedite improvements.  However, the City maintains that WSDOT should extricate the new weigh station from the $150 million overall project.

We believe today’s decision is premature and oppose a weigh station in this location. We will continue to advocate that WSDOT more closely examine other weigh station locations using a wider breadth of criteria.”

At the June 4th meeting the city council will consider a formal resolution opposing the milepost 34 weigh station location, but prior to that the city wants to hear from citizens regarding the proposed location and:

  • Whether or not there is a need for a weigh station, when other weigh stations are often closed
  • Whether or not the State should de-couple the weigh station from the I-90 / SR 18 interchange improvements
  • Whether or not the weigh station and truck parking lot should be constructed at Exit 34 or if further vetting needs to occur.

When asked if the city would use legal means to challenge the location, North Bend Communication Manager Jill Green said that has not been decided yet – saying the city “may or may not appeal the decision.”

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  • They have chosen a location without considering all the facts.
    For example:
    1. There are many private wells near by their proposed site.
    2. Exit 34 leads to a road, 468th Ave SE, that is the only access to many homes on the road to the south and any incident would prevent access to those homes.
    3. Many thousands of trucks would be forced to take exit 34, causing massive congestion as they cross 468th Ave SE, as they return to I90 Eastbound.
    4. To return to I90 Eastbound, from exit 34, it is a hard uphill climb. These trucks will not be able to reach freeway speed for miles as they head east. The amount of fuel and exhaust volumes to make that climb for thousands of trucks will be incredible. The pollution will be very disruptive to the environment and the time and expense for the trucks will cost the general public in the end.

    1. So very well said I thank you and agree 100%. I am one of those homeowners of which you speak. There are huge water issues all ready . Pollution both air and noise is not a joke either. Those of us who live out there are all ready affected by both. I choose to live there for the beauty peace and solitude. I pay more property taxes for this luxury. Ii support the truckers but many more would not be tolerable. The infrastructure just doesn’t support the idea in this location.

  • I went to the information night at Tein Falls Middle School and was told that there would be a comment period when the decision was final…I haven’t seen anything yet. Noise, air and light pollution are MAJOR concerns for all of us that live on 150th street!! It will be so bright with all of the lights if that is not mitigated-

  • Living Snoqualmie