North Bend Hosts Second Public Safety Meeting, Home Security Discussion with Police Chief

On May 16 2013, following a fatal home invasion, the City of North Bend hosted a well-attended Public Safety Community Meeting.  Topics included crime, trends and other public safety issues in and around North Bend.

North Bend Police Chief, Mark Toner, and city officials also briefly discussed the scope of criminal activity around the city, home security, crime prevention, Chief Tonerhomeless issues, shelter discussion and drug use.

One outcome from the crowded meeting was that the community showed significant interest in conducting additional meetings to improve communication and education related to public safety concerns.

Based on feedback, city officials have scheduled another community public safety meeting, which happens tomorrow, Thursday, June 20th, at the Mt. Si Senior Center, 411 Main Ave South, from 6 – 8PM.

Recent community feedback showed a key point of interest is home security, which is the topic of the first monthly meeting.  Chief Toner will discuss security, safety, crime prevention, door locks, camera systems, weapon security in the home and other related topics.

Following the discussion the chief will hear input regarding future meeting topics, allowing the public to determine the focus. Subsequent monthly meetings will follow on the third Thursday of each month, with each one having a specific discussion topic.

The meeting format will be open discussion, not simply lectures from a podium. Future topics will be announced prior to each meeting, enabling community members to decide whether or not to attend.

Community members are encouraged to contact Police Chief Mark Toner to offer suggestions, input or feedback for future meetings.  His office hours are Monday – Thursday, 7:30AM – 5:30PM.

Mark Toner

  • King County Sheriff’s Office, North Bend Police Chief
  • 1550 Boalch Ave NW
  • North Bend, Washington 98045
  • Desk: 425.888.4438. Mark.Toner@KingCounty.Gov


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