North Bend, Snoqualmie Valley featured on HGTV series

So way back in January, HGTV was in town, but it was ‘mums the word’ until what they were filming was closer airing.

Flash forward three months: we’re now allowed to say they were filming scenes for an episode the series ‘Mountain Life,’ which follows people across the country as they look for homes, well, in or near the mountains.

Enter North Bend.

Local Snoqualmie Valley real estate agents Barb Pexa and Valerie Pacheco got quite a surprise when HGTV producers reached out about a listing their clients had recently purchased, saying they’d like to have the house featured in an upcoming North Bend, WA episode.

[Here’s where we tell you – if you didn’t already know – that House Hunter type shows are filmed after the people looking have already bought their home.]

Since the Snoqualmie Valley real estate market moves so fast these days – even during the winter months –  the listing had already sold AND was occupied by the new owners. But the producers were still interested in using the house due to the location and beautiful views of Mount Si.

So Valerie’s buyer agreed to let them in, signing a waiver giving them full access to the Silver Creek neighborhood home on a cold, rainy Saturday in January.

The home was de-personalized (except for one art piece) and then the crew spent the day filming and also getting shots around the Valley.

Valerie said, “I was truly excited to have our buyer’s beautiful home and community highlighted on HGTV Mountain Life.”

According to Valerie, film crews were also planning to get some area footage of Snoqualmie Falls and Mount Si. As it was a rainy weekend, she joked that North Bend and Snoqualmie may end up actually looking like Twin Peaks.

Three other properties were also filmed for the episode, but neither Valerie or Barb were told which home was ‘the chosen one.’ BUT the iconic HGTV scene where the choice is dramatically revealed… well, that was shot at the Iron Duck Public House in downtown North Bend.

So… tune in Saturday, May 5th, for season 3 episode 3 of Mountain Life: North Bend. As always, check your TV provider for local airtime and channel.  **Airdate is subject to change.**

Behind the scenes shots of Mountain Life: North Bend, WA episode filming:







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  • It was a bit of a crazy experience. I had barely moved in and got the house unpacked , then to have to vacate for a full day of filming. I’m excited to see the episode and a bit disappointed to find out many of these shows are rigged. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Incase you want to know if I got paid the big bucks, well it was a $50.00 Target gift card.Guess I won’t be retiring on that payout 🙂

      1. Yes, you are certainly correct and I would certainly trust HGTV being that it is their show. Interestingly enough when you search on Xfinity to set the recording it lists it as episode 1 and episode 3 as something different.

        None-the-less, both list it as airing today and I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you so much for posting about it. You are THE news source for everything happening in the Valley.

  • Wait….. you had to remove all of your personal belongings for a whole day then put them all back in, all for $50! Lol

  • Mind blown! Father-in-law Don Korsmo built that house (the third one highlighted in the show) and his family lived there until early 80s… Fun to see how it is remodeled, and how original lot was split…

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