Old homes demolished for new, small townhome development in downtown Snoqualmie

A new small townhome development in downtown Snoqualmie looks to finally be moving forward at the corner of Silva Ave and King Street – near the Snoqualmie Valley School District Office.

The binding site improvement plan was approved in August 2016 and the city had anticipated the project would begin in spring 2017 with the demolition of the dilapidated homes on the land parcel, but that didn’t happen until just recently.

The approved plan allows the site’s three existing tax parcels to be combined and segregated into six separate lots for the six-unit, two building townhouse development. In addition to the six townhouse units, the plan also includes one accessory dwelling unit and associated infrastructure for the project.

The six vacant and run down, single-story buildings that occupied the .25 acre King/Silva property were taken down over the past week to make way for the project.

In an earlier 2016 article, City of Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman said the old homes (constructed in the 1950’s and 60’s per tax records) did not meet any code and are not safe for habitation.

There had been discussion/concern that the old homes might have been Snoqualmie Falls Mill Town homes that were relocated from across the Snoqualmie River in the 1950’s, but according to Historian Gloria McNeely, the homes were built on the site by Leo Kelley, a career Weyerhaeuser log truck driver who did construction work in his spare time.

This will be one of the first new, multi-unit home developments in downtown Snoqualmie in approximately 20 years.


Old homes on Silva/King Street lot in 2016.


Silva – King Street townhome project 2018


Silva – King Street townhome project 2018

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  • thanks for the factual information, Danna. Lots of rumors should now be dismissed.

  • Thank you for covering this, Danna. Really helpful to hear what the plan is for the site.
    -Julie Peterson

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