Op-ed: Snoqualmie Valley School Board Election, Political Game Canceled, Bring on the Issues

As a community, what do we want out of this November school board election?  After all, it appears one seat has a chance to affect the future of this district, the make-up of our board, our leadership.

Do we want the candidates to speak about the issues?  After all, we have a school bond to pass – a school bond passage 10 years in the making; one that might finally offer a long-term solution with the flexibility to help solve all the capacity and educational issues facing our district – at the elementary, middle and high school level.  A good bond option.

As a voter, I want issues addressed, to hear candidates’ future plans for our district.  Not political deflecting with issues unrelated to the campaign, issues that might hurt a community member and their family.

Do we want these kinds of politics in our community?  Did you follow the election two years ago?  Did you pay attention to all the mud slung at Ms. Simpson? Some of it was pretty hurtful – even unfounded accusations of bullying.

The results of that election, I believe, are reflective of what this community wants.  It wants candidates, as well as their supporters, to stay focused on the issues.  In that 2011 election, Ms. Simpson and Mr. Doy unseated school board incumbents, something that had been historically pretty hard to do.

It’s over.  It’s done.  Political games were attempted and the game was canceled.  Don’t let that game be re-scheduled.

Whatever information was given to the superintendent last week regarding Mr. Spring, it appears was only part of the full-context of a complicated divorce and child custody case.  If our superintendent has all the facts, he knows a judge investigated and found the claims in Mr. Edward’s envelope to be made in bad faith. In full-context, with all the facts in hand, it seems Mr. Spring’s past private life is just that – private.

This is a great community, filled with great people and schools.  Lets keep the focus on the issues.

Let’s not let the fear tactics of big-time politics filter into our small Valley.  We decide.  On issues.  For a fair campaign.



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