Overnight short-lived wind event could impact Puget Sound region

[Article by Mark Davis of www.northbendweather.com]

Looks like another wind event is upon us. I’ve lost count at this point what number this storm is.

This storm has the potential (not certainty) to be close to the Hanukah Eve (2006) and Inauguration Day Storm (1993). This of course all depends where the storm makes landfall. A few miles difference in landfall could dramatically up the wind gusts for us in the Snoqualmie Valley from 25 to 50 mph plus gusts.

Cliff Mass, UW atmospheric science professor is saying in his latest blog post that “This is serious, so I would be prepared (batteries, don’t drive around during strong winds, etc.). There will be power outages.”

Scott Sistek, KOMO News Weather Producer said: “This bears repeating although luckily by happening in middle of night it has less chance to catch people off guard, but this wind surge is going to come seemingly out of nowhere around 2-3am. Calm–> 50-60 gusts in moments to minutes.”

Rain is also expected with this weather system – and some snow at Snoqualmie Pass… KOMO News is saying 2-4 inches. 

Timing for the winds are always tricky. Right now it’s looking like the brunt of the storm will be passing over us from 1am to 4am – so it is somewhat short-lived. Just like any other storm, be prepared. Have extra water, batteries and charge your cell phones. 

If anything dramatically changes with this storm, I’ll post updates in the comments section.

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  • Wind Advisory

    10pm tonight to 10am
    South to southwest wind 20 to 35 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

    It wont surprise me if this gets updated to a warning.

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