Overturned Semi at SR-18 Westbound Creates Traffic Distraction Thursday Morning

The Washington State Patrol said a semi-truck overturned at exit 25 as it turned on to WB SR 18 from WB I-90 around 8:00 AM Tuesday, July 29th, 2021.

The semi-truck was the only vehicle involved. There were no injuries.

The right lane of WB 18 is blocked. The driver was reportedly going too fast making the turn from the I-90 off-ramp. Tow trucks are on the scene.

There is a short backup on the SR18 westbound exit ramp. Please use caution throughout the area.

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  • We need to pitch “Heavy Rescue – Snoqualmie” to the Weather Channel. Our royalties alone would pay for the needed fly-overs in addition to the new interchange!

  • WSDOT should put up a sign that reads “3 overturned semis last 12 months”

  • We need a dedicated site like 11foot8.com to capture and share the shenanigans of all these professional drivers. Maybe something like: sr18fail.com

    1. Could rent space on the nearby cell tower and install a decent IP cam. Not sure who to contact for space and network connection. Anyone?

  • Living Snoqualmie