Overturned Truck at SR 18/I90 on Thursday Morning

UPDATE 8:48 AM: According to the Washington State Patrol, all WB SR-18 will be closed temporarily for the tow to clear the trailer once on the scene. There are no injuries. Be careful and have patience as you drive in the area.


I don’t even know what to say anymore…

On SR 18 westbound at I-90 (MP 25), an overturned truck is blocking the right lane. One lane is currently getting past.

The State Patrol has arrived on the scene. No word on when the truck will be removed

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  • Seriously!!!! These semis need to be fined more and perhaps put up signs WARNING semis that it’s a high probability that they will flip their load if they try to run the light! This is stupid.

  • Or maybe we get busy finishing Hwy 18. That interchange is not designed for the current volumes. Believe we were promised 2024 it would be all done.

  • And this will never happen with the Diverging Diamond where that truck would be on the left side of the road and tip over into oncoming traffic on the right side of the road (it’s opposite in a diverging diamond). Right?

  • There should be a warning sign with the tally of how many times this has happened. I swear this happens every three months.

  • Living Snoqualmie