Police Blotter | can’t arrest me on tribal land; leaving Washington; looking for breakfast in middle of road; screwdriver in ignition

December 30th

Court Order Violation in Progress

Around 4PM while patrolling Snoqualmie, an officer spotted a vehicle being driven with a male and female inside that had a severely cracked windshield. The officer ran the names associated with the car and found the male to be suspended 3rd and had an active Protection Order with a female. The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, however the vehicle continued. The vehicle finally stopped at the Snoqualmie Casino. When asked why he continued, the male driver stated, “You can’t arrest me on tribal land.” After confirming the female inside the vehicle was the other half in the Protection Order, the male was placed under arrest and booked at Issaquah Jail.

January 1st

Disorderly Conduct

Around 1:45AM officers were dispatched to Smokey Joes Tavern for a male acting oddly, talking to himself and kicking the front door trying to get in – even though the establishment was closed. Officers arrived and contacted the male at the front door who was instantly verbal with officers and began fighting with them. After getting him into custody, he was booked into jail on Disorderly Conduct charges.

January 2nd


At 6:50PM officers responded to a report of a female at the North Bend Safeway yelling and harassing customers. Upon arrival, the female was upset over something being stolen at the casino and other miscellaneous things. The caller requested that the female be trespassed from the location. When officers tried to ID her, she threw her ID at the officer and told him to keep it. She left the location and said she would be leaving Washington.

January 3rd

“A Good Time”

Around 2:30PM on a routine patrol of Railroad Ave, an officer observed a driver smoking out of a glass pipe. Before catching up with the vehicle, it had swerved a couple times, was speeding and ran a stop sign. The officer caught up to it and conducted at traffic stop. When the officer told her he had seen her smoking methamphetamines, she replied “We were just trying to have a good time.” She was arrested for suspicion of DUI, Speeding, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Suspended 3rd.

January 4th

Speeding with no Front Plate

At 1:30PM officers pulled over a vehicle that had no front license plate and was going 26 MPH over the posted speed limit near North Bend Way and Meadowbrook Way SE. After stopping the vehicle, the officer found that both the driver and passenger were Suspended 3rd and had active warrants. Also, while searching the female passenger drug paraphernalia was found. Both occupants were arrested on Possession of Paraphernalia charges and on their warrants.

January 4th

Stolen Luggage

While passing through the area, a male stopped at a local restaurant on the Ridge for lunch. When he returned home, he noticed that all his luggage and computer bag was missing from his vehicle. There is no suspect information at this time.

January 6th

Welfare Check

Around 6:45AM officers were dispatched to a disturbance at the Bank of America in North Bend. The caller reported a male yelling, screaming and banging his head against the business’ wall. Officers arrived and saw that the subject was soaking wet from being out in the rain for several hours and was experiencing a medical emergency. Aid was summoned and the male was transported to the hospital.

January 7th

Occupied Stolen Vehicle

Around 3:30AM while on a routine patrol, an officer spotted a male walking away from a vehicle and attempting to walk into Safeway after hours. The officer ran the plate and the vehicle came back stolen. The vehicle also had a screwdriver in the ignition, a ski mask covering the steering wheel and a methamphetamine pipe inside. The driver was booked for investigation of possession of a stolen vehicle, drug paraphernalia and suspended license.

January 7th

Drugs and Weapons

Around 1:40AM an officer conducted a traffic stop at Bendigo Blvd and SW Mt Si Blvd for a vehicle that had no plates. The female driver stopped the vehicle in the middle of the roadway. While talking with the driver, the officer saw a methamphetamine pipe on the dashboard. When the officer had the female step out of the vehicle, he then spotted a large fixed blade knife under the driver seat. The female driver was booked into KCJ on possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a dangerous weapon.

January 8th


Around 9:30PM officers observed a vehicle weaving through traffic, speeding and crossing the fog line on Snoqualmie Parkway. The officer was able to catch up with the vehicle and stop it at Orchard Ave SE. When the driver rolled down the window, the officer could immediately smell alcohol. After failed field sobriety tests, the male driver was placed under arrest for investigation of DUI.

January 8th

Court Order Violation and Warrants

Around 11:30PM officers contacted an occupied vehicle at the Snoqualmie Falls Park after “closed after dusk” hours. A check of the female driver came with a suspended license and both felony and misdemeanor warrants. She was also listed as a protected person on a Protection Order. The male passenger gave a false name. After the male came back “no record,” the officer was able to obtain his identity from him and it matched the other half on the Protection Order. The male also had misdemeanor and felony warrants. The female was booked on her existing warrants and the male half was taken into custody and booked on his 5th Protection Order violation.

January 9th

Under Age DUI

Around 12:10AM over the radio, officers were advised by SFD that a vehicle was driving recklessly and passed an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated on the way to an emergency call. After conducting an area check for the vehicle, an officer located the vehicle at the Snoqualmie Safeway parking lot. When officers arrived, two males were getting into the vehicle and drove away. After stopping the vehicle, officers saw open and unopened alcohol on the floorboards. All occupants were under the age of 21. After reviewing surveillance video, the alcohol inside the vehicle had just been stolen by the occupants. Both occupants were charged with theft and the driver was booked for investigation of DUI.

January 12th

Traffic Hazard

Around 10AM officers spotted a vehicle parked in the lane of travel at Bendigo Blvd S and W Park St in North Bend. The officer contacted driver and passenger and when asked why they were stopped in the middle of the roadway, they stated they were trying to “look up where to go to breakfast.” The officer advised them that wasn’t an appropriate place to do that and the roadway was cleared.

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