Popular Snoqualmie Pet Sitter Loses Thousands in Car Break-in, Client Steps in to Help

Jenny Mathison, popular Snoqualmie pet sitter and owner of Jenny’s Animal Care, had her car burglarized last week.  It was supposed to be a regular outing to Rattlesnake Lake.  Instead, her car window was shattered and her contents gone – just like that.jennypetsitter

One of Jenny’s long time clients, Claudia Lake, reported that the small business owner had thousands of dollars of hiking, camping and animal care equipment stolen from her car  – as well has $1,200 in cash she was planning to give to her mother later that day.

Claudia wanted to help.  She said Jenny’s been taking care of her dogs for 2 1/2 years as she recovers from a severe back injury, saying  Jenny’s “been a godsend to us and is such a great gal.”  Other community members also rave about Jenny’s way with their pets.

So Claudia kicked things into high gear and launched an online fundraiser to help offset Jenny’s $1,500 in insurance deductibles , as well as the $1200 in cash for her mom that is, unfortunately, gone for good.

Claudia said the fundraiser is her way of giving back to Jenny, and hopes others will want to as well.  For more info visit www.gofundme.com/2xqgdg.



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  • I am extremely overwhelmed with gratitude for all the love, concern and generosity this wonderful community has shown to me. I am beyond grateful and cannot express how lucky I am to have such wonderful clients that I call friends; you and your animals all mean so very much to me. Claudia, you have a heart of gold. I feel so blessed to have you and your family in my life; thank you for your kindness throughout the years. You continue to restore my faith in humanity and honestly, that in itself is the most wonderful thing anyone can do for someone, especially after such an unfortunate experience. Thank you for being you ♥

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