QFC Unveils New Meal Kits at North Bend Store

If you were in the North Bend QFC this week and noticed a new food display near the bakery/deli area, QFC issued a press release with all the details about the new project launch.

QFC is entering the ingredient-and-recipe meal market – introducing pre-measured and prepared meal kits, called Prep+Pared, in select stores, which are currently available at the North Bend store. They will be available in 20 total locations by April 1st, but North Bend was the 3rd QFC to receive the new products.

“We know that our customers are foodies and lead busy, active lives. These meals are fresh-made, chef-inspired, restaurant quality and easily prepared at home,” said Suzy Monford, president of QFC. “With Prep+Pared, we’ve taken the work behind planning and preparing a fresh, delicious meal and made it easy to cook in just minutes.”

According to the press release, all the Prep+Pared meal kit ingredients are fresh, 100-percent prepped and measured and offer only what is needed to prepare the meal so there is no waste. Cooking time is about 20 minutes. Each Prep+Pared kit feeds two adults and ranges in price from $14 to $20. There is no subscription needed.

“Our goal is to serve the Pacific Northwest through food inspiration and uplift. Part of that is redefining the grocery customer experience with an emphasis on healthy grab-and-go meals that can be found in our stores, via ClickList pickup, and through QFC Delivery,” said Monford.

There are currently eight different seasonal recipes available: Black Bean Street Cakes, Crispy Port Chop, Hummus Baked Chicken, Truffled Steak, Pan Seared Salmon, and Carne Asada Steak. More recipes will be introduced each month with a focus on seasonal varieties.


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