Question of the Day: When-oh-When Will Ana’s Mexican Restaurant Open their Outdoor Patio?

Inquiring minds want to know – and seem to keep asking – “When will Ana’ patio finally open?”

Warm summer days in western Washington often means residents tired of all those gray, dreary days flock to the outdoors for just about everything – including meals.

The patio seating area at Snoqualmie’s popular Ana’s Mexican Restaurant has appeared ready to open since late May, but by mid June the furniture still sat plastic wrapped, even as the area continues to experience one of the sunniest and warmest Junes in recent history.

So the question lingers…. when, of when will you be able to sit on Ana’s patio for a meal (and maybe one of her infamous house-made margaritas) in the sunshine?

Well, it’s a somewhat complicated answer, affected by an important issue – staffing.

When confronted by on online reviewer who stated he was disappointed the patio wasn’t open and was going elsewhere to eat, calling the lack of outdoor seating a “poor business decision,” Ana’s management responded to the criticism, explaining they’re working toward getting the patio area open for customers, but unfortunately have experienced unexpected staffing issues.

The busy restaurant says those issues have to be solved in order to “provide the proper service needed in order to operate our patio to our guests’ expectations.”

In response to the review, management revealed that it takes five extra employees to operate the large outdoor dining area and two of those employees suddenly left town for a family emergency, and other recently-hired employees didn’t quite meet the restaurant’s and guests’ standards.

Countering the criticism Ana’s Management replied on social media, “It is a poor business decision to disappoint our guests with poor service.”

Until the staffing issues are rectified, and even if the weather is sunny and warm, the patio won’t be operational. But owner Anna Sotelo did say she anticipates having the patio opened by July 1st for patrons wanting that outdoor summer dining experience.

Hang in there folks – Ana’s patio will be open soon!

Outdoor patio seating at popular Ana’s Mexican Restaurant has not been able to open due to staffing issues, even during the recent warm, dry stretch of weather.





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    1. While, of course, it’s not breaking news, the website operates on a hyper-local level and this question was posed to us by multiple readers so we decided to do a quick story with the answer.

  • Sure it’s news!
    I’ll bet many people on the ridge have wondered the same thing. I’m personally thankful for the story; it is a relief to know I’m not the only one who looks forward to the patio so much. The suspense is actually an annual ritual now; I know the day Ana’s opens the patio is cause for celebration in my family. We’ll be there sipping margaritas throughout the summer.

  • Living Snoqualmie