Reasons for Johnny Depp’s Presence in the Snoqualmie Valley Finally Answered?

Johnny Depp’s presence in the Snoqualmie Valley  (Carnation, WA to be exact) this past February created a social media buzz.

He was spotted at the Salish Lodge and then in downtown Carnation while film crews were in town shooting scenes for a new movie, Lucky Them.  The movie premiered in September at the Toronto Film Festival to great reviews – and not to mention a standing ovation.

Last February, the question around the Valley was WHY was Depp here? Was he filming a cameo role for Lucky Them? Some said he was in town visiting someone on the movie set.

Social media was left buzzing, while gossip websites (including Perez Hilton and E Online) picked up on the story that Depp was hanging out in rural Carnation, WA.

Question Answered?

In November, The Seattle Times released an interview with Lucky Them’s director, Megan Griffiths. In the story, clues were dropped as to why Depp may have been on the set – and maybe more than to just to film a surprise cameo in the romantic comedy.

During her Seattle Times interview, Seattle-based Griffiths revealed she is currently working on a new project – developing a thriller with Depp’s production company, Infinitum Nihil.  According to Griffiths, the film will be shot in the Northwest, but not Seattle.

So the Johnny Depp/Snoqualmie Valley presence mystery may have been fully solved? In February, Lucky Them was filming in and around Carnation – and Depp was also possibly in the Seattle area visiting director Megan Griffiths regarding a future film project.

Lucky Them was the last film project Paul Newman was working on when he died in 2008.  In October, the independent film was picked up for national release by IFC Films and is due out in the first half of 2014 – and probably with plenty of footage of the Snoqualmie Valley.

To read the complete Seattle Times story about Lucky Them and director Megan Griffiths, visit

Photo of Depp in Carnation, WA that circulated online and social media in February 2013.
Photo of Depp in Carnation, WA that circulated online and social media in February 2013.


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