Reinig Road Revetment Repair Project Lane Close Extended

King County’s Reinig Road Revetment Repair Project that began in mid-June, requiring a summer closure of Reinig Road between SE 81st Street and 428th Ave SE, will need some extra time before one lane can reopen. 

It was expected that the westbound lane of Reinig Road in the project area would reopen by Monday, September 6, 2021, but that lane reopening is now scheduled to occur by September 20th. Local access for emergency vehicles, Snoqualmie Valley School District buses, and residents living along this stretch of road will be provided.

The project is rebuilding roughly 775 feet of revetment to repair four damaged areas. Additionally, a series of four log structures will be installed to shift Snoqualmie River high flows away from the riverbank. 

The project began in mid-June and should be complete by October 30th. To improve safety and increase construction efficiency, Reinig Road was closed in both directions near the project site, with local access for emergency vehicles and residents of the area.

The Reinig Road Revetment was originally constructed in 1966 to protect the roadway from erosion. It now also protects power lines and a water supply pipeline. During Snoqualmie River flood events, high flows have undermined the revetment and stripped away large rock protection, which has left the riverbank exposed to erosion.

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