Review | Returning to ‘The Attic’ at the Salish Lodge and Spa After a Long Absence

One of my favorite Valley spots has always been the dining room at the Salish Lodge & Spa. I love it SO much; I sometimes forget the existence of another yummy spot, and I really shouldn’t.

Last week when my friend Susan and I were looking for a place to go and catch up while eating delicious food, we decided to go a bit more casual and revisit the lodge’s more relaxed eatery, The Attic.

Perched on the lodge’s top floor, this restaurant has some of the best views of the falls from a warm and cozy atmosphere. We were afforded full advantage of the scenery at a table near the window when seated by the gracious (and new!) Food & Beverage manager Richard Monte.

Robert, our waiter, quickly brought water, menus and told us about the daily specials. After much thought, we ordered drinks and several dishes to sample.

First out were our drinks. I ordered the Dry Honey Cider, a dry sparkling cider with honey notes produced from Salish Lodge & Spa’s apiary, which was bubbly and refreshing.  

Our first course was the Artisanal Cheese Plate with added Charcuterie because who doesn’t like a good cheese? Susan preferred the goat cheese, while I could die a happy woman eating Rogue Blue Cheese for the rest of my life. The plate also included honeycomb from the apiary, speck salami (which admittedly I thought was prosciutto) and various dried fruits &nuts.

We finished about half of our first course when our Heirloom Tomato Salad arrived. The brightly colored yellow and red tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, Salish pistou, toasted pinenuts and white balsamic vinegar complemented the cheese and cider nicely while remaining light and fresh.

Our main courses arrived, and I continued my theme with the Tomato Soup with olive oil, basil and peasant bread. I am a sucker for Tomato soup but usually satisfy myself with the Safeway deli type. This was a much lighter tarter-style soup served with a delicious warm chunk of bread. At this point, I was almost at my food limit for the day but somehow managed to eat most of the warm, delicious blend.

I also managed to steal a bit of Susan’s main course, the Risotto Verde and decided I would have guarded far more fiercely had I been her. The green dish tasted, to me, like a bright summer day. Susan was far more descriptive in her review, saying, “the al dente grains were perfectly cooked but also rich and creamy with the addition of the grana cheese. The Dungeness crab gave it a little sweetness I enjoyed.”

The Attic is a valley treasure that should be on everyone’s shortlist for an excellent place to go if your tummy is growling and you want to get a quick casual meal. Don’t forget they don’t take reservations, so you might have a totally worth it short wait.

This restaurant also offers to-go options you can enjoy at home. You can order online, drive up to the valet and grab your food on the go. Click here to see which menu items are offered.

Thank you, Richard, Robert and The Attic at the Salish Lodge & Spa for a lovely Sunday evening overlooking Snoqualmie Falls!

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  • Thank you for this update! I have been to The Attic a few times during COVID and was disappointed that their menu was so limited. I was hoping they would return to pre-COVID times soon and it sounds like they have. Thank you!

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