Search and Rescue Volunteers Carry Injured Man Off Rattlesnake Ledge

Ask search and rescue volunteers what they expect on the first sunny, spring weekend and they could say having to perform multiple missions to help hikers in the Snoqualmie Valley.  This weekend, though, they were pleasantly surprised with only had one mission.

King County Search and Rescue (SAR) was called to popular Rattlesnake Ledge about 2PM on Saturday, March 30th, to assist an injured 63-year old male who hurt his ankle during a hike.  He was about 1.5 miles up the steep trail.

About 30 trained volunteers from Explorer Search and Rescue, Seattle Mountain Rescue and King County 4×4 SAR headed to North Bend on Saturday to assist in the mission.

According to Glenn Wallace, King County Search and Rescue spokesman, the injured man was located at about 1,800 feet in elevation (near the top) and was carried in a rescue litter/stretcher back down the trail to the command center in the Rattlesnake Trail parking lot.

The King County 4×4 Search and Rescue Facebook page commented, “Glad so many people got out and enjoyed the weather without incident.”

These are well-trained search and rescue personnel who volunteer and dedicate their time to finding those who need help.  It was a smaller, scale mission on Saturday, but still had a great response,  as well as a great outcome.

View from atop Rattlesnake Ridge/ Ledge. Photo by Melton Photograhy.
View from atop Rattlesnake Ridge/ Ledge. Photo by Melton Photography at nearly 2,000 ft in elevation.






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